About the Course

Course Content:

BEING LIMITLESS is a transforming 2-day course, which reminds us in a magical way that we can achieve much more in our lives than we often believe in our daily routine. When we experience and remember again that we actually have limitless potential and countless opportunities within reach, the doors to an extraordinary life open up automatically for us.


Many people have big dreams about how they want to support their family, organization, society or the environment, but they are often slowed down by everyday constraints. For this reason, PreethaJi, the founder of O&O Academy, will focus during the course on activating the participants' wealth consciousness. Through an activated wealth consciousness, we can master the challenges of life with ease and reinvent intuitively new ways to create inner and outer wealth, which finally turns our dreams into reality.


Financial success is therefore not the final goal, but a means to an end, to contribute for the greater good.


Participants will also learn, how to consciously shift from a state of stress to a calm and serene state of mind in no time. Neuroscientific studies confirmed, that in a calm and serene state of mind more intelligent, holistic solutions emerge and as a result, better decisions can be made.


After attending the course, participants report that they experience more harmony in their relationships, as well as profound peace and great joy. Leaders share that they discovered how to access their intuitive intelligence and achieve their targets more easily and in harmonious interaction with their work environment.


In the BEING LIMITLESS course, we learn and experience profound spiritual principles and practice powerful meditations to create a life, in which we become the best version of ourselves.