About the Lecturers

O&O Academy:

O&O Academy is an unique Philosophy and Meditation School in the South of India and is lead by its founders, KrishnaJi and PreethaJi, with all their passion, dedication and love.


The Vision of O&O Academy is the transformation of human consciousness:

  • From I-Consciousness to One-Consciousness.
  • From a Suffering State to a Beautiful State.
  • From Self Preoccupation to Connection.
  • From Division to Being One.

The guiding principle is "only happy people create a happy world".


PreethaJi, the founder of O&O Academy, is a highly influential philosopher and teacher, who has impacted many thousands of lives across the world. Among her clients are also well known people like the American success coach Tony Robbins, Mike Novogratz and Usher Raymond.

She is a wife, a mother, a mentor to the community of teachers at the Academy and a conscious leader, who has created 5 successful global businesses along with her husband KrishnaJi. In just the last one year, she has launched 3 powerful personal development journeys, a meditation app and a series of meditations for the corporate world that have gained worldwide appreciation.

PreethaJi inspires her students not only through her wisdom but also the power of her consciousness. Her teachings are a perfect convergence of two worlds, the worldly and the spiritual; the scientific and the transcendental.